Oakdale PTA Board meeting 11.03.20

Principal’s Report: Halloween parade was awesome!  Shout out to Crystal Stewart for putting up a killer backdrop for the kids.  They all felt like it was magical and a throwback to normal life.

-        Changing your learning option is possible through November 8th, so register soon if you want to change. 

Teacher Report

-        Teachers will reach out to parents to fill volunteer spots, and PTA will fill in gaps.


-        Well within budget, annual fundraiser will take place in 2021

PTA Business

-        Red Ribbon Week will be the week before Thanksgiving – more info to come.

-        Zupas night TENTATIVELY scheduled for November 17th from 5-9 pm.

-        Reflections:  37 entries this year all online!  There will be a revolving extra recess for participants so there they aren’t mixing grades.  In leu of an assembly, Principal Walbeck will deliver the awards to classrooms with someone filming and posting to YouTube channel.

-        Oakdale Town Businesses: – PTA will be going to the school on Fridays to help decorate class doors – Cami will let us know the time when you can come help.  Bring boxes, painting supplies, etc. to decorate the doors.

-        Teacher Appreciation: November 13th.  We will be delivering Fiiz to teachers with early gift certificates for Christmas.  Adrianne will reach out to teachers with orders, and we will deliver.

o   December will be a breakfast

-        T-shirts Order: Still ordering in batches every month or so.  Sweatshirts are now available.

-        Volunteer Hours: Log them all – meetings, time on the phone, typing up minutes ??, babysitter hours – they all count!  Go to the PTA website on click on volunteer hours tab on left side.  You can also log hours post date.

-        Adrianne will collect Teacher “Favorite Things” information from teachers so parents will have good ideas for Christmas gifts.

-        Next meeting: December 1st, at 9 a.m.